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Yogatastic! 11-year-old world-record breaking Indian gymnast has sights set on Olympics

11-year-old world record breaker, Riya Paladia, showed off her amazing flexibility while performing one of the hardest yoga motions repeatedly from a standing position, in her hometown of Gaulapar, in northeast India on Thursday. Riya entered the Golden Book of World Records in January for performing the ‘Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana’ yoga motion 21 times in a minute, breaking a previous record of 15 times a minute.”Riya is so special and important to us and she is our future. It’s not my future, it’s India’s future, the training she is getting now is to target Olympics medal in gymnastics. For that, she is training around three to five hours a day and during the holidays she is practicing for seven to eight hours,” Amit Kumar Saxena, Riya’s trainer said. He added, “What a teacher wants from their student is discipline, she is very good in that and her father and mother brought up the child so well, so she does her training exactly how I am saying and how many times I tell her to do the works out, she does that.Footage shows Riya performing the ‘Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana’, considered one of the hardest yoga motions, repeatedly from a standing position. Riya says her dream is to go to the Olympics and win a medal in gymnastics for her country.

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